IBM SmartCity

Applied pre-designed assets to create a set of boards for a :30 second spot for IBM’s fictional product called SmartCity.

SmartCity is an entire city networked together to improve energy, efficiency, and quality of living.

The pre-designed assets were illustrated by Brian Michael Gossett.

This work was created as a homework assignment for the Design Bootcamp course from School of Motion, Inc. All work is speculative, and created for educational purposes.

Today’s cities

have populations they were not designed to support.

And this causes:

Grid-lock on the roads.

A lack of affordable housing.

And, high energy costs.


we’re good at solving problems. So we came up with a solution.


Traffic lights that talk to cars and buses to optimize traffic.

Multi-use buildings

designed to keep housing affordable.

An on-demand-grid intelligently providing power only when needed.

We’re working towards a safer, more efficient, more connected city.

A smarter city.